AES offers a win-win-win proposition for your wastewater municipal sludge.

We dry nasty, smelly waste, and turn it into a useful, marketable product.

We simplify operations at your treatment plant, and we save you money in the process.

Immediate savings, fixed costs, low risk, and increased flexibility are compelling economic benefits.

Aslan is very aggressive in putting together an economically attractive package for municipalities. Clearly one of the primary problems facing municipal leaders is how to budget for utility services in a time of escalating prices. Aslan’s system is highly competitive, and very compelling to municipalities for the following reasons:

• Low operational costs
• Can treat different tyes of sludge
• High quality pellets
• Extremely safe
• No municipal capital outlay
• Immediate savings
• Fixed annual expense regardless of changes in city growth or sludge volume
• Aslan assumes financial risk for non operation
• Flexible purchase options


The project economics of sludge drying are a primary benefit of the technology, but the environmental benefits could hardly be more appealing. Typically when handling something as disagreeable as wastewater sludge, it is considered a success if the disposal of the waste product has minimal impact on the environment. However the process that Aslan is proposing actually converts a hazardous waste product into a beneficial use biosolid.
• Meets or exceeds US EPA 503 Class “A” Exceptional Quality biosolid standard.
• Exceptional for use as fertilizer or soil amendment
• High fuel value and BTU content – values close to that of brown coal
• Relatively dust free
• Reduced truck traffic and road usage
• No addition to plant operation odors

Evaporative drying is not only economically, but also environmentally, the best way to deal with wastewater sludge. And the process from Keppel Seghers is the most economically and environmentally efficient method of all the evaporative technologies.

With no capital costs on your behalf...
Aslan Environmental Services now brings you a new option for handling your sludge problem.

Municipalities large and small are finding out how our new process can work for them.

The NY State Department of Environmental Conservation described the process as an “innovative system for managing wastewater treatment plant solids and residuals in an economical and environmentally sound manner.”.

AES is the only company in North America licensed to handle this design.

“This is a mature product based on proven technology that requires no up front capital expenditures, is effortless on the part of the municipality to implement, saves money and is completely green.

It turns municipal sludge into pellets, and provides a clean, cost-effective and environmentally sound alternative to dumping sludge into landfills.

The pellets can be sold as fertilizer thereby providing an additional source of revenue, or burned as fuel, providing additional savings.